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Spa Packs and Digital Controls


CTI Spa Packs

Specializing in ’Retro-Fits’ of old worn out mechanical spa packs and discontinued digital packs.

It is often more expensive to install a new circuit board or constantly be repairing an old mechanical spa pack than to totally replace those units with an entirely new system. We are experts at removing those old units that have been causing you constant and repeated headaches and replacing them with a reliable, economical system that will last for years and years.


New Pumps- In Stock


At Everything Hot Tubs we keep a large variety of  new pumps in stock to ensure that we have the pump available to suit your needs. 

3HP, 2 Speed, 2" Suction, 2" Discharge,

230Volts: $420 (Currently on Sale for $399)

4HP, 2 Speed, 2" Suction, 2" Discharge, 230Volts: $440 

4.5HP, 2 Speed, 2" Suction, 2" Discharge, 230Volts: $460

New power cords $25 (If unable to use the cord from your old pump)

*If you require a 2.5" Suction add $20

Prices do not include installation. One year warranty on new pumps installed by Everything Hot Tubs.  See WARRANTY for further information


Refurbished Pumps

Although inventory is constantly changing, we often have a variety of good quality refurbished pumps. 

We currently have several refurbished pumps for sale, all are 230 volts, various horse power, all have 2" Suction and 2" discharge.

Prices Range from $250-$350. Price does not include installation.

90 (Ninety) Day Warranty on refurbished pumps installed by Everything Hot Tubs.
See WARRANTY for further information

For further information on available refurbished pumps, please contact us

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