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All refurbished Hot tubs sold and delivered by Everything Hot Tubs come with a 90 (Ninety) Day Warranty based on the correct set up/installation and weekly maintenance procedures being followed.

Warranty covers:

  • Plumbing 

  • Spa Pack 

  • Digital Control Unit

  • Pump(s)

  • NEW Covers sold with our refurbished hot tubs come with a 30 day warranty based on normal wear and tear (this warranty does not cover punctures or tears that are caused accidentally or through misuse).

  • USED covers sold with our refurbished hot tubs are warrantied to be in working condition on the day of delivery only.  


Pumps should not be run dry, correct water levels should be maintained at all times, heating and filtration modes should be correctly set, chemical levels should be monitored weekly and the appropriate chemicals should be added to adjust the levels up or down if needed.  

Salt Generator Systems that are installed after the sale will completely void this warranty.

Warranty does not cover damage caused by improper installation (including electrical), freezing, improper water chemistry, incorrect settings of digital control or misuse.

It is at the sole discretion of Everything Hot Tubs to repair or replace the damaged/broken part.

During the Warranty period a travel surcharge of $40 per 1/2 hour will apply if location is outside a 25km radius of Kitchener (minimum $40 surcharge).

After the Warranty has expired, our normal hourly service rates will apply.


New Pumps - 1 (One) Year Manufacturers Warranty if installed by Everything Hot Tubs
Refurbished Pumps - 90 (Ninety) Day Warranty if installed by Everything Hot Tubs

Warranty does not cover damage caused by freezing, water damage due to plumbing leaks or loose unions, improper water chemistry, improper settings of digital control, pumps being run dry or improper use.

All pumps (new or refurbished), if not installed by Everything Hot Tubs include a 28 Day Warranty. All correct installation procedures must be followed.

  • Pump must be correctly grounded to the Spa Pack

  • Wet end must be turned in accordance with plumbing configuration of hot tub and not overtightened.

  • Correct directions must be followed for wiring the lead/plug to the pump (see diagram on the pump).

  • Unions should not be overtightened.

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